checklist roofing inspectionIt is becoming increasing popular for most mortgage lenders to insist that potential borrowers instruct an established roofing contractor to inspoect the roof of a property they are considering building.

Gordon’s Roofing can now offer roof surveys for prospective buyers which includes: all timbers, all roof line faicas soffits; bargebords and guttering; main roof; all gulleys and valleys; all chimneys; all roof windors; flat roofs and doormers and main structure.

We offer independant and unbiased surveys and an honest evaluation of roof condition.

Pre-Purchase Roof Home Buyer Inspections

If you are purchasing a property and are concerned about the condition of the roof. Gordon’s Roofing can provide you with a clear and understandable report with photos and evidence, along with all explanations of any issues found.

Home Seller Reports

Your survey will detail any proposed work that need attention plus associatied costs for those works. Theses surveys are backed with photographic evidence and explanations of any issues found. You can use this survey to provide evidence of any issues to your vendor before purchase or to put their minds at ease.

Survey Price

Cost for full survey including photos and written report is £245 and you can recieve survey by post within 3 to 5 working days after completion. This will also include guide prices of any work if required.